08 November 2010


november is one hard month here: it is only the start of the winter but the sun goes down at four in the afternoon and the temperatures are getting below zero. to survive the months of darkness here - they say - you got to stay around people: according to this, I think I am well prepared. besides the friendly atmosphere both in TAIK and at home and the lovely letters from my long distance friends, I am also experiencing the most spontaneous and beautiful friendship with my classmate and neighboor Kasia.
❝chi trova un amico trova un tesoro❞

"he who finds a friend finds a treasure"

kasia and I are doing many things together and she is taking photographs of me during our walks through the forest.
when the sun goes down so early - coming home after a long day in university and finding a special letter is something that I really cherish.
thank you Amanda and Emma!
✻they sent me also a lovely french hat!


  1. wonderful photos n i hope u liked the cd i made for u, i tried to make it according to ur taste including also only birds n nature. hehe. miss u much. hugs!

  2. I have to listened to it yet :) I am going to uploading it on i tunes now :)
    thank you so much!

    p.s. where do I find the tracklist?

  3. <3 updates.
    I really hope you'll get my letter soon as well and then me in one piece :P

  4. you in one piece is the thing that I am looking forward to the most <3

  5. oh i can send it to u! though i m sure u ll know most songs. i ll inbox it to u dear later today. <3

  6. thank you very much :)

  7. i am a little bit jealous :D no, such wonderful photos again dear <3 and beautiful letters!
    (i'm expecting couple of letters this week too!)

  8. letters are amazing :) :) :)
    don't be jealous maisani <3