18 November 2010

human ornament 01.

I have joined a really spontaneous and creative workshop in school: "human ornament". last week we have been working on the previous part of it: producing our new ornament skin out of pieces of fabrics and cardboards.
here are some backstage photographs - just got them developed today.

✻ I am going to be a yellow birch tree of course.

✻ the whole atmosphere was inspiring and it was interesting to see how the others around me were working.
I can't wait for the next part of the workshop: it's going to be next week and I will keep on taking some photographs.


  1. Polly (:
    this is really interesting and nice. I really love how this thing is evolving and the fact that the atmosphere is inspiring just makes me feel better: I know you are doing something you like and I feel very happy for you and for us <3 <3

  2. grazie jacopo :)
    and now it's snowing also, which makes everything even better!

  3. ah is it from the same one from the note? it does look mighty fun indeed!

  4. yes it was the same workshop :D great fun!