14 November 2010

isän päivä.

today google gets a special look:

it is Father's Day here in finland - in italy it is the 19th of march.

a beautiful photograph of my dad - when my sister and me were born he quit smoking the pipe.
I want to dedicate this post to my dad because I believe he deserves more than just one Father's Day: he his a wonderful man and he always has a wise word to incourage me to follow my dreams.
ti voglio bene papà!

my dad and I especially share the love for animals and the taste for good sweets and cakes.

my dad's favourite cake recipe translated in english for Passer Domesticus readers.
since today we can't celebrate together with a slice of fioretto cake - I promise I am going to bake some finnish sweets for him when I visit my family for Christmas.


  1. hyvää isänpäivä sinun isällesi!

  2. sinun isällesi myös! mutta minun isä on mailman parempi! :D

  3. polly wow. i love the photo with the pipe. also going to try out ur cake. u r good with baking. ;)

  4. this is such a lovely post polly <3
    i love my dad so much too (:

  5. amanda thank you :) you should defenetly try the anise cake: it is delcious!

    maisa dear <3 dads are the best!