02 December 2010


in finland december is literally the month of christmas. besides the generous amount of school work I have to do - I am enjoying the white cold winter so much! Jacopo and I just got a film roll PRO H 400 developed and I would like to share the magic of the past few days here.
❄ a morning walk in white Rastila.

❄ Jacopo polished the negative of the second fuji fp100 and we got it print - the result is amazing to me.

❄ my bird friends in the snow and a new lovely visitor.

❄ it is easier to appreciate the sun when you get it just for a few hours.
Jacopo and I are going to travel north tomorrow: Oulu here we come!


  1. Polly and I are going to travel even norther tomorrow, this means more nature and things to see <3

  2. a whole journey to document :D

  3. the one with the bird is BEAUTIFUL !!!! the wing of the flying one is so delicate, pure nature beauty you captured here.
    i bought a bird feeder and balls of food today :) i will hang it tomorrow morning, to watch the birds :) :)

  4. thank you alice :) I wasn't sure if I got the bird in that photograph... but I did and I was so happy when I saw it developed :)
    I am so happy you got feeders aswell! birds need our help in the cold winter of the north!

  5. mi mancate davvero tanto, non vedo l'ora di riabbracciarvi!
    le foto sono davvero bellissime

  6. anche io non vedo l'ora di abbracciarti :) e anche la mamma e il papĂ . manca meno di un mese ormai :)

  7. every single photo fantastic! n the little video is so cute!

  8. aww thank you :) :) :)