08 December 2010

matka pohjoiseen #2.

❅ travelling north part two.
I have spent a magic weekend in the great north with Jacopo and his family. despite the two hours of light and the cold - we have made the most of our journey. the atmosphere was absolutely worth experiencing.
✻ some prints of fp 100c negatives.

crossing a frost lake is something that a few months ago I would have just been able to dream about - the sound of my steps on the snow was music to me.
✻ video related to a project I am working on.

[soundtrack for the video is "Popplagið" by Sigur Ros]

✻ scans from an awesome children book about the forest.


  1. you say that it was a ice trip, I say it was marvellous (:
    plus the time we spend together travelling and doing things is absolutely priceless <3

  2. a "ice" trip could be right also, but I think you meant "nice" here. and yes it was marvellous <3

  3. che meraviglia.
    sono senza parole.
    il video poi.
    ma cosa sto aspettando a venireeee *-*
    la mia foto preferita è quella con la casa di legno bianco... *-*

  4. such lovely photos again! *__* ♥
    i read that book in the library when i was little, if i remember right! (: i want to visit oulu with you guys someday, if it's ok with you! we should totally do the road trip someday as well!

  5. puoi dirlo forte emi <3 che meraviglia! e non so cosa tu stia aspettando a venire :D pensaci! e la casa di legno bianco è la nostra casa :D

    thank you maisani :) we should defenetly go to oulu together someday <3

  6. veyr nice polly. ur prints r amazing, n how nice to see u n jacopo in action! cant wait for ur project. kram.

  7. kiitos amandaki :) it should be something for an exibit actually... in januray :) let's see what's gonna happen.

  8. aha! for an exhibit!! but that is amazing news! good luck!

  9. thank you :) hopefully it will be nice... but nothing is really sure yet. I'll keep you posted ;)