23 July 2010

tämä on vasta alkusoittoa #2.

♡ helsinki analogue photo diary

*hietalahti flea market.

*the adorable "monkeydog".

*where Jacopo got my seagull.

*lovely afternoon with my dear Maisa.

*on the metro to my place.

*my new bedroom and house.

*the boy I love.

*best selftimer love photo ever.

*my favourite ice-cream.
I adore how this film roll turned out.
♡ thanks to Jacopo's olympus

21 July 2010

tämä on vasta alkusoittoa #1.

I like so much this phrase I have almost no trouble to remember it in finnish.
these are just overtures.

we booked a hotel to find a home

by the sea it's lovely, but you have to watch out for the seagulls: they may steal your kanelipulla.

to reach my soon-home-to-be you have to get a metro that goes across the sea: what a beautiful view. around the house there are birch trees and some pieni lintuja.

the sounds of baby seagulls, ruis leipä and valjo jäätelö puffet, my friend Maisa, kiasma, the botanical garden are a few of the things I love the most in Helsinki.

I wish I could own a bear just like the one outisde the museum of finnish history and culture.

✻✻✻ these were some polaroids from our "finland book":
P.S. the 35mm we took will be posted as soon as it gets developed!

*shopping in helsinki.

✻ I have found these spectacoular old photographs at Hietalahti flea market.
there is always so much to see at Hietalahti flea market!
a man sold me and Jacopo the photographs for a very low price: he said he liked us because we were fans of analogue photography - he must have noticed our cameras.
in Hietalahti I also got a necklace for Emi and a lovely old lady sold me a hay hat against the finnish sun, which is really strong in this season!
✻ I visited Weekday and My o My:

Vivienne Westwood's blue rubber boots were on sales and I got My o My key!

Jacopo gifted me with this amazing seagull necklace.

✻ Jacopo and I completed our juice boxes collection with two new tasty pieces!
P.S. more posts about HELSINKI soon