06 January 2011

vacanze italiane.

I have spent new years eve and the first days of 2011 with Jacopo, my dad, my mam and Emi.

I have cherished every moment.
I have also spent many lovely days with Jacopo: we went to visit various small towns outside Milano and took some photos.
✻ the abandoned town of Balestrino:

lots of darkroom time!

♡ list of lovely random things during my holidays • christmas gifts with love • the great amount of sweets • the snowman panettone • il trenino rosso • time with Timo • dinner with dear Hannes and Yasin • the special salmon soup • new years eve with my family • Jacopo next to me ♡
my "italian holidays" were beautiful and I am glad to go back to Helsinki with such lovely memories in my heart.


  1. :) I agree. these were beautiful holidays!
    but more precious moments to come in 2011 ;)

  2. yes please. and more photos also. :D

  3. ecco son commossa, mannaggia a te <3

  4. mannaggia a te <3 ;)

  5. polly what amazing prints. i m in love with them. glad u had such a good time!!