27 March 2011

emi visits helsinki.

my sister has come to Helsinki for the first time! she and Michael flew here last wednesday and have spent the sweetest of days with us. we went around town to see some sights despite the cold spring wind and took some photographs of course.

✻ at the Kasvitieteellinen Puutarha Emi gifted me with preciuos things.

✻ the sweetest twin-sister polaroid.

✻ on saturday we visited Valtteri fleamarket and the Designmuseo.

✻ in Helsingin Kaupunginmuseo we took a group portrait since Jacopo took the mamiya along.

✻ we took a city tour by tram 3T/3B.
I really miss my sister - these days with her were a true blessing.
I hope she will be back really soon!


  1. aw *-* <3

    xxx emi & michael

  2. Vorrei abitassi qui vicino <3

  3. beautiful! for some time helsinki had almost become Via Cufra!! <3

  4. hehe amanda, thank god not so much via cufra in the full sense of it (if you know what I mean :P )... but in a way ;) it was surely lovely <3

  5. )""": NON mi ha inviato il commento ieri sera...

  6. I see you've got what I meant amanda ;)

    aww no jacopo :( commenta ancora ;)