03 March 2011

ravintola 01.

RAVINTOLA 01 maaliskuu
this is the first of a serie of interventions I have planned for birds - in different seasons and various places around Helsinki.
this first "restaurant" was done for small birds such as sparrows, great tits and blue tits - the menu consisted in mixed seeds, grain seeds, sunflower seeds and peanuts.

✻ watch the whole process here:

*it took a long time for the little birds to finish the seeds - being early march it is still too cold for them to get out of their nests.
next RAVINTOLA comes for spring.


  1. fabulous!!! cant wait to see the seagulls thing! <3

  2. thank you :) seagulls ravintola may be the next yes!

  3. Wow!!!! È una cosa bellissima! E come di muovono leggeri sulla neve aw!!! Non vedo l'ora di vedere gli altri!!! <3

  4. grazie emi :) anch'io non vedo l'ora della primavera e del ritorno dei gabbiani *_*

  5. I hope we will have the chance to do some more works soon ;)

  6. I cannot GO anywhere without you ;) <3