07 March 2011


my sister Emi is visiting in 15 days!
♥ from "precious frames" at ombre nel cielo more polaroids 600.

I cannot wait for springtime to come to wear lighter colourful jackets and my dear old mocassins.

saturday morning brunch at Villa Ullas has almost become a tradition for us. I love "toscapulla" the most.

a baarimikko took this photo of us sitting at our favourite table. kiitos, baarimikko!
P.S. we are still in search of a new flat. meanwhile we got a bookshelf and three new cooking pots.


  1. we own a coffee to the baarimikko :D

  2. maybe he doesn't like coffee after all that kahvia that he serves to the people coming to Villa Ullas :D

  3. it s grea that emi is coming n beautiful shots n i also learned what a baarimikko is! ;)

  4. haha my really usefull links for fast-finnish-learning :D you've also learnt how to say march :)
    I am so happy that emi is coming! yay!

  5. :) non vedo l'ora di poter visitare assieme a voi tutti questi posti bellissimi! <3
    sarà meraviglioso!
    e voglio un sacco di polaroid 600 con michael :D

  6. haha. bene :D ne faremo poche perchè sono preziose... però qualcuna... magari :P