16 April 2011

things that I like #2.

I would like to share some special things that have made me happy lately.
winter has turned into real spring!

♥ a children's magazine that celebrates spring - from Jacopo.

♥ a letter from dear Miia.

♥ a wonderful marimekko fabric from Jacopo - to make a spring scarf.

♥ spring leggings - weekday vintage.

interesting looking shoes - uff.


  1. I bet this is only the beginning of many wonderful days of spring.
    The book and the fabric are truly beautiful (:

  2. just because you gifted me with them :P but what about the shoes? :P <3

  3. wow. it s magic! (the marimekko fabric is fantastic indeed btw.)

  4. thank you :) marimekko has so many great fabrics! I really need to buy a sewing machine though...

  5. No but I really love the shoes as well, they kinda grew in my scale of things-that-I-like, especially after yesterday's adventure on the beach ((:

  6. they're perfect for muddy finnish beaches, aren't they? :)

  7. che belle cose *-*
    i leggins e la stoffa poi, sono davvero un inno alla primavera!

  8. sono stata molto felice di trovare quei leggings... e la sciarpa l'ho messa oggi per la prima volta e sono sicura che tutti l'ammiravano :)