18 April 2011

kevät kevät kevät.

it seems like SPRING is all I am talking about these days - but you cannot understand its healing effect unless you had just been through real winter.
♡ polaroids of a finnish spring day:

a seagull agrees to pose for me.

Maisa is wearing flowers again.

it is warm as the first time we met.

we can sit outside to watch the sky.

it is time for ice-cream's van again.

Jacopo and I go for many walks.

the ice on the sea has now melted.

the sun sets at 8.45 p.m.
✻ I hope you were able to sense some finnish spring - it is one of the most amazing things I have ever felt.


  1. awww non vedo l'ora *-* <3

  2. non vedi l'ora di cosa? :)

  3. wow polly. u r all looking wonderfully happy n so does the finnish spring!

  4. I am very happy yes :) this weather is the most amazing gift one could ever hope for after such a long winter! :)

  5. aww hai già sei commenti <3
    ma spero che non finiscano con ieri queste belle foto e i momenti felici :P

  6. io vorrei che i giorni di sole non finissero mai!