26 May 2011

newspaper cuts 4.

one more snippets-post for may:

• it seems like there are less rabbits around the city compared to last spring? anyhow a week ago I have met a rabbit myself going for an evening walk with Jacopo - it was beautiful and it made me think about my sweet Timo.

• the baby owls keep on living in the city centre - everyday they are up to something funny.

• a squirrel eating a banana in Lauttasaari looks quite exotic - obviously not because of the squirrel but because of the banana.

• this snippet is not about Helsinki - but still about animals. a group of sheeps is rescued from the ash cloud after the Grímsvötn volcano eruption in Iceland.
I have placed all the snippets that I have collected so far in an envelope - but I am hoping to find an interesting looking tin box for them in Valtteri.


  1. questi ritagli sono sempre bellissimi. tu si che leggi i giornali come lo faccio io <3 che tenere le pecore *-*

  2. Jacopo mi porta sempre il metro quando trova degli articoli di animali :)

  3. Oggi te ne arriva uno nuovo tenerissimo (((: