14 May 2011

newspaper cuts 3.

a few more newspaper cuts or snippets - as a friend of mine suggested me.

• photo of the baby owl in Kamppi.

sad snippet about a bear who died at wildlife park in Ranua.

• last couple of winters were hard for hedgehogs - it is recommended to leave some food for them.
✻ ✻ ✻
we keep on feeding birds and squirrels! it is a pleasure to see them coming every morning so numerous to get their seeds and nuts. hopefully we will be able to meet some hedgehogs too and feed them as the newspaper suggested.

• two polaroids of a red squirrel eating nuts on our balcony.


  1. Should we prepare a special book for these snippets? (:

  2. I think it would be interesting to start to collect them in a copy book, so that we could put dates on them aswell.

  3. che cose bellissime. ho le lacrime agli occhi <3