01 June 2011


it is the first day of june - kesäkuu means the month of summer. sunrise today was at 4:09. sunset today will be at 22:29. length of the day is 18 hours and 20 minutes.
it is time for me to tell the good news: I am finally moving with Jacopo to the city centre of Helsinki.

Kruununhaka - a photo of the area in 1930's - our building was already there.

✻ google maps Rastila.

✻ google maps Kruununhaka.
today is the final packing day - tomorrow we will move from my student house into a home. I have been living in Rastila for almost a year and it is time to settle down in a place where me and Jacopo will be able to experience everything Helsinki has to offer.
the route between the old place and the new place:

✻ it takes 20 minutes with a van full of stuff, two people and a cat.
now I want to say goodbye to this HOAS building: thank you for hosting me - I wonder who is going to come here next. that is all for now - I will be sharing photographs of the new place soon!


  1. today there is something in the air ;)

    I like the way you've translated in words the feelings you have at this moment, I share the same ones (:

    I am very very very excited!


  2. I really cannot wait :) :) :)

  3. aww sono quasi commossa *-* <3

  4. Emi ti commuovi sempre :) <3

  5. moving into a HOME is always the most beautiful of feelings. cant wait to see more. <3

  6. you will see more soon :)