07 June 2011


we have been in the new apartment for almost a week now - it certainly feels like home. I had been taking a few photographs inside and outside and I was waiting to get them developed.

#1 the neighboorhood
- the symbol of this part of Kruununhaka is the sheep (lammas).
#2 the entrance of the apartment - the building is from 1929.
#3 the kitchen - I adore the glass cupboard.
#4 Tove makes herself at home.
#5 to get to bed we got to climb those stairs - it feels like being on a cloud.
#6 the typewriter - in Valtteri we have found precious things for the new home.
#7 the wardrobe was already in here - I like the mirror on its whole surface.
#8 there is a sushi place in the neighborhood - the take-away is delicious.
#9 the old otis elevator - it is one of my favourite things of the whole building.
#10 the street outside the building - if you walk up you go into town and if you walk down you go to the sea.
...and they lived happily ever after!


  1. everything looks lovely! i love the elevator photo, amazing! ♥ i can't wait for tomorrow (;

  2. yes :)) you'll see tomorrow <3

  3. (((: (((:

    che bellissimo post Polly <3

  4. :))) :))) che bellissimo nido Jacopo <3

  5. this is trully beautiful guys!! <3
    the house n the surroundings also.

  6. thanks amanda :) we are truly happy about it all!

  7. waow, so cosy ! and the outside is so lovely !
    very good choice :)

  8. thank you Alice :) you know I really appreciate your taste so, it makes me glad to read you like it!

  9. bellissima! non vedo l'ora di vederla dal vivo :) <3

  10. sì :) anch'io non vedo l'ora che la vedrai dal vivo <3