04 July 2011


July has always been a time-to-travel month for me. for the past four summers at least I had travelled north. now that I live in Helsinki I will travel norther.
destination: Kilpisjärvi and beyond!
Jacopo and I have great expectations from this trip. we haven't planned all our stops along the journey yet - as we want them to be spontaneous and unexpected. all we know is that we want to reach at least Kilpisjärvi.
✻ how the area looks on google maps.
I am looking forward to our 14-days-trip. I am preparing myself by collecting a lot of photographic material - as much as I will be able to bring along.
I have also come across an interesting book: "In Lapponia con Acerbi" by Vittorio Poli:
✻ when Acerbi wrote "Travels through Sweden, Finland and Lapland to the North Cape" in 1798 he also stopped by Kilpisjärvi.
my countdown says 11 days to go!


  1. I bet it will be the nicest trip we could imagine to do in this beautiful country (:

  2. oh i love kilpisjärvi with all my heart and i miss it so much! i wish i could go back there soon ;__; ♥

    i'm sure your trip is going to be beyond amazing (:

  3. oh you have been there *_*
    I am glad to hear you love the place: that means it must be truly beautiful!

  4. wow. that aerial view is amazing!

  5. isn't it? it looks like the moon in colours almost!