30 June 2011


lately I have found myself drawing and sketching more often and I have begun to wonder wether if it was the case to do something about it - so I have decided to start working on prints for postcards.
some prints I have been preparing:
✻ each postcard has a "paper" edition plus a cyan edition, a magenta edition and a yellow edition.
✻ I will keep on sketching for more patterns - if I get a good feedback.
you will be able to purchase the first postcards very soon - ask me here!


  1. wow polly i love the first one!!! <3

  2. thank you! :) the subject is actually my dad as a child :)

  3. I love them all! I'd definitely buy some of these once I can. Great work as always Polly!!

  4. thanks a lot!
    I will be starting selling a first bunch of postcards as soon as I get the new toner for the laser printer :)

  5. you will get all of them for free... but don't tell anyone ;) <3