12 July 2011

silkscreen printing 2.

my silkscreen printing has been developing over the past few days.
❶ after birch trees forest t-shirt - I have decided to try to print onto different fabrics.
Jacopo suggested me the idea of printing also onto canvas bags - plus we decided to buy the colour red as an alternative to black.
finland - this is another simple stencil I have prepared to print.
❹ I have printed onto both normal-size canvas bags and cute mini ones [which can be useful to carry a bottle of water or a small camera].
❺ I have designed a simple logo to "sign" what I print.
❻ I like how the logo looks on different fabrics and colours.
the next colour I am going to try with is yellow - which has a different texture compared to black and red. I feel like I have still to practise and experiment a lot with silkscreen printing.


  1. grazie per il tuo insostituibile aiuto <3

  2. che meraviglia!!!! *-*
    quelle rosse sono davvero bellissime!

    ti suggerisco questo tumblr > http://designersof.com/

    è fatto apposta per condividere i propri lavori, ha molta visibilità a quanto pare :)


  3. uh! molto interessante!!! :)

  4. that's a really nice red! i think i like your birch tree design even more in red!

  5. thank you :) I also like that red a lot!

  6. i m totally in love with ur name brand logo.

  7. thank you :) I got to work on it a little more though ;)