13 July 2011

a letter from vanessa.

sometimes it is hard to be far from my family and friends - letters though make the distance less painful.
a letter from my dear Vanessa has finally arrived today!
it was resting at the post office for many days without any notice - but I have managed to track it and it was such a joy to finally pick it up.
she brought for me this beautiful paper cutter from Brazil - her home country.
I consider myself so lucky to have met Vanessa - almost by chance - more than one year ago. she is one of the most special friends to me and I wish she could live closer.
obrigado, my dear friend ♡


  1. that paper cutter is just adorable and so unique! you're so lucky to still get letters like those...

  2. I know! Vanessa is a truly special friend :)

  3. Cara Polly, sono tanto contenta che ti é finalmente arrivata! Grazie del bellissimo post. Sei una amica veramente speciale. Spero di vederti presto. Un bacio grande!