08 July 2011

some photographs and postcards.

I would like to share three recently taken photographs - they don't belong together but I think they are worth seeing.
kuumailmapallot in Helsinki
yesterday evening I have spotted some beautiful hot air balloons flying above the city.
a selfportrait
I have pictured myself with my Mamiya RB67 - wearing my first silk screen printed t-shirt.
• a cat is a bird's best friend
a portrait of me and sweet cat Tove - taken by Jacopo two weeks ago.
✻ ✻ ✻
I also would like to share the first three postcards that I have got since we have moved to Kirjatyöntekijänkatu.
in chronological order:
from Miia - who is coming to visit us in Helsinki tomorrow!
from Annika - a finnish girl speaking italian who we had met on the plane back from Italy.
♥ from Kasia and Joanna - a postcard from the polish mountains with the cutest sketches.
Thank you, my friends! I am always happy to get something in the mailbox!


  1. I'm happy as well to receive some nice postcards or mails (: keep sending stuff to us!

  2. yes :) the more the merrier :)

  3. nothing's etter than the old postcard or letter in the mail!
    it's unfortunate that i don't get to see neither on a regular basis... i guess you're lucky!

  4. you may don't know this, but I also love to SEND postcards and letters... so I can send something to you if you like :)

  5. Oh gosh those photo of yours are so lovely. I love getting postcards, i also collect random old postcards whenever i go to a market somewhere!

  6. Thank you Celsee!
    collecting old postcards and photographs is surely fascinating :)