07 August 2011

surprise letter.

a couple of days ago I got an unexpected letter in my mail box. I am always happy when I receive a letter - but this time I am even happier.
♡ letter from Frances
✻ she didn't write much but there was a special photograph with a certain message.
Frances is holding a photograph in her hand - which I have sent her a couple of years ago: in that photograph I was in Stockholm.
she is moving to Stockholm in less than two weeks and she will live there until december: we will be closer than we have ever been.
Frances and I have been writing letters since 2006: in the meanwhile she has lived in Canada and Thailand and I have moved from my parents house in the Italian Alps to Milano and then to Helsinki - which means that me and her have been pen pals for more than 5 years. finally me and Frances will be less than 1 hour flight away from each other and we will be able to meet for the first time.
I can't wait to plan a weekend in Stockholm. see you soon Frances!


  1. looking forward to meet her? <3

    let's plan a trip to STO as soon as possible :)

  2. absolutely! we got to do it before the snow comes - we get enough snow here then ;)

  3. This is just amazing news!
    I can't wait for you two to meet!!!

  4. Thank you :) I'll surely document the event when it happens :)

  5. wow 5 years :) it's amazing all the places she has lived.

  6. yes! she's a truly unstoppable person. I think she's great :)