05 August 2011

1 year of finland.

happy anniversary: a year ago today I moved to Helsinki!
to celebrate such a significant day - I have chosen to share on Passer Domesticus 3 photographs for each one of the 12 months I have spent in Finland so far.
elokuu 2010
syyskuu 2010
lokakuu 2010
marraskuu 2010
joulukuu 2010
tammikuu 2011
helmikuu 2011
maaliskuu 2011
huhtikuu 2011
toukokuu 2011
kesäkuu 2011
heinäkuu 2011
I am thankful to Finland and to all the people who have made my first year here so beautiful. K I I T O S !


  1. funny that it's been a year already! i'm so lucky to have you here ♥

  2. it went so fast! :-) I am so happy I have moved here. and you, my friend, have certainly been the closest person to me here <3 thank you so much!

  3. ho le lacrime agli occhi *-* che bel post <3

  4. sì :) esattamente un anno fa <3

  5. Finland is so so beautiful! It's one of the place where i really want to go to. Your photos are so beautiful and that first picture of "joulukuu 2010" is magical haha. i can't get over how pretty that one is :)

  6. thank you very much Celsee :)
    you should definitely visit Finland when you get the chance!