08 September 2011


the past two weeks I have been busier than I ever was in a long time and I am feeling good about it.
my calendar last week:
✻ when my sister flew back home, when my university started again and the things to do started to become more and more.
current week calendar:
✻ when Kasia flew back to Helsinki, when I have started an intense workshop which is giving me a lot to do and a lot of time on my bike and when eventually I will leave for London on saturday.
next week calendar:
✻ when I will be in London until wednesday with Jacopo, when I will get back to Helsinki and I will finally have some free time to get a couple of film rolls developed to share something about the workshop and the trip to London.
see you at the end of next week with hopefully more interesting posts!


  1. cute calender! i've never been one to keep a calender, though.
    oh london...!
    have a nice trip and bring us lots of lovely new photos :)

  2. ciao emi buon viaggio a casa *-* <3

  3. thank you Joana :)

    emi <3

  4. Ohhh! Have a lovely time in London!

    I am looking forward to your pics!!! ;D

  5. thank you :) I am going to develop the rolls as soon as I come back to Helsinki :)

  6. Ahhh thi is so cute, love the calendar and i can't believe you're visiting london. I miss London so so much, i wanna go there. Can't wait to hear stories and beautiful photos :) have fun polly!

  7. Thank you :) London is being quite inspiring so far, and certainly way different than Helsinki!