03 September 2011


I have got a packet of fp-100B - I feel like some black and white.
✻ it had been a long time since I have taken out my swinger III. the light behind the clouds was powerful - my eyes were about to close and I am not pleased with this photograph.
the reason I am writing this post though is to share something I am quite pleased with instead: my first properly knitted scarf! it isn't exactly my first knitted scarf ever - I have already knitted one a couple of years ago but I wasn't so happy with the result. I am glad I have decided to give knitting a second chance.
after two weeks of knitting:
✻ the scarf is big, long, soft and warm - just about how I wanted it to be. I will knit something more.
✻ I have also got something special at the market today: hedgehog gloves.
I am now certainly ready for the winter.


  1. i absolutely adore that photo!
    the scarf looks so fluffy and lovely. i wish i could knit, but i have yet to learn how to do the knitting movements left handed...

  2. the fact that you like the photo makes me feel better about it, thank you :) and especially thank you for appreciating my knitting efforts! I have found knitting easier than I thought the first time... but I don't know how it would be left handed either, I suppose quite difficult to mirror all the movements...

  3. the scarf is perfect !!! i love the color, and the pompoms !! bravo !

  4. Alice :) this is a huge compliment from you, since you are the master when it comes down to hand made things! thank you!

  5. *__* looking forward to the blue and white one *__*


  6. I love that photo of you, what are you talking about :D
    And ahhh those knits are amazing, i've tried knitting a couple of times. Enjoyed it a lot but only finished like one thing. The colours are great, white and mustard yellow-ish <3
    How long did it take for you to make it?

  7. Thank you :) it took me a couple of weeks.. It is quite fast, once you've learnt some basic moves!

  8. I will prepare one for you :) <3

  9. Polllly! Received your mail, i tweet a picture! so gorgeous <3 and thank you so much for the candy. I ate it straight away!

  10. im in love in this foxy-gloves! yes i must go and but some wool...:D

  11. Yay :) it's great that you got it so soon!

    haha Justyna, foxy-gloves :D remember the wool!