28 September 2011

letters of september.

I have collected the lovely postcards and letters which were sent to me this month - the latest came today.
thank you for writing to me!
Joey sent me these beautiful Peter Rabbit's images.
♡ from Annika and Andrea. we went to visit them in Turku last weekend - I will post about Turku soon!

♡ from Emi - who has sent a wonderful variety of dried fruit snacks along with her letter.
I am never tired of receiving letters and writing back - I cannot wait to get more in the post box!


  1. ho appena finito la bustina di lamponi... fantastica! grazie! <3

  2. so cute! :) im love letters! :)

  3. I will write you also, when you go back to Poland... but please don't go back just yet ;)

  4. haha :-) is this at all related to Bohemian Rhapsody?

  5. oh wow... little treasures!
    i used to get postcards when my boyfriend, and then friends, were studying in rome... i kind of miss getting one in the mail

  6. it is sad that you are not receiving postcards so much anymore, but it is also nice that your friends and boyfriend are not far away anymore ;-)