30 September 2011

sunday in turku.

last week Jacopo and I decided to go to Turku. we had never been there before - even if it takes only a couple of hours by train to get there from Helsinki.
photographs from Turku
✻ even though most of the buildings were modern and new - I preferred the old and colourful wooden houses.
✻ I liked the fact that all the electricity boxes were painted - just like this one.
✻ my favourite place of the city was definitely the castle - we spent there the whole morning and I never got tired of exploring it.
✻ there were many ships at the harbour - I like the fact that this one is called "Swan of Finland".
this house looked abandoned - there was a strange feeling on that ill over the city.
✻ along the river there were boats and various art pieces - I loved that iron bear/seal eating a fish.
✻ I had to photograph this old tram - it is a Valio ice-cream kiosk.
the trip to Turku was very pleasant: we also had the chance to meet a couple of dear friends - but I still think about Helsinki as the best city of finland.


  1. your photos are always so beautiful, with saturated colors... :)
    turku seems lovely!

  2. thank you :-) it was indeed a pleasant trip!

  3. I really feel in the mood of blogging today, after seeing such a nice post :)

    Turku reminded me of some European cities like Paris.. I don't know why :)

  4. maybe, because of the river, it reminded a little bit of Paris indeed :-) you should blog more often! ;-)

  5. Wow such a cute name!! I really exploring different places and the light box certainly caught my attention. every light box should start doing that, they're so abandoned and boring, at least make them colourful to suit the environment :D

  6. I think Turku is a really funny name. The city has two names, Turku is the finnish one and the swedish one is Åbo :)

  7. che meraviglia il castello e la casa abbandonata *-* mi dovete portare assolutamente nel mio prossimo viaggio in finlandia :)

  8. certo che ti portiamo :-) <3