01 October 2011

autumn collection.

I want to celebrate the start of october showing part of my special collection. when I walk around the city I hardly look up and I tend to pick up little things I find laying on the ground.
my autumn collection:
✻ eight beautiful feathers.
✻ the prettiest leaf I have seen.
when I was a kid nobody really told me not to pick up stuff from the ground - for that I am grateful.
P.S. I am also celebrating the start of october with a beautiful concert tonight: Ane Brun!


  1. che meraviglia :)
    una bellissima collezione <3

  2. spero di trovare altre piume! di foglie ce ne sono in abbondanza ;-)

  3. Una tel'avevo trovata io *__*

  4. i have never seen a leaf so perfectly red!
    lovely feather collection*
    i tend to pick them up whenever i see one. they're too pretty to pass them by.

  5. thank you :-) when I saw that red leaf I was blown away by its beauty!