26 October 2011


after more than one year in Helsinki - I have eventually managed to collect my darkroom equipment from Italy and place it in my studio in Otaniemi. today I have been developing and printing for many hours - but time goes by so fast when I am in the darkroom. I do not have anything special to share for now - but some prints from a roll I have taken a couple of weeks ago.
delta 3200 ilford - from my first day back in the darkroom:
✻ taken inside a toy shop.
✻ everyone enjoys HATTARA at the amusement park.
✻ a portrait that Jacopo asked me to take of him.
today I had to check the status of the remaining paper I had from Milano - now that the old paper is all gone I can get new one and print more and more.
I am so happy me and my darkroom are back together - let's celebrate!


  1. ombrenelcielo26.10.11

    let's have another session soon!!!
    I am looking forward to more black and white printing!!!

    Thanks for the portrait!!

  2. Another session for this weekend PLEASE ;-)

  3. O! I miss the black room so much when I see your prints. There is such a lovely atmosphere when you're in a Black room. just concntrating on right things . So cool :)
    Keep on printing

    & I love it that you live in Finland !

  4. :) finalmente! <3

  5. Thank you :-)

    I will print more, it's a promise... I wish I could go to my studio everyday now!

  6. my favourite darkroomer is back! <3

  7. These are wonderful Polly!

    I'm happy that you and the dark room have re-united!


  8. Thank you! it's a very happy reunion! ;-)

  9. pretty! pics of tove! <3
    make a darkroom party!

  10. haha :-) darkroom party!

  11. oh wow....! i wish i could develop my negatives and have my own dark room. i have a feeling that if i had one it would be covered in cat hair in less than a week... you're a lucky girl!

    i love how the tones are soft insted of the harsh black and white you often see :)

  12. ahh so exciting! i want some fairy floss!


  13. Thank you Joana :-) luckily Tove doesn't have access to my studio... she can't take the bus alone yet ;-)

    Thanks Luxi! Hattara is the best! :-)

  14. yaaayy! celebration is indeed needed :) i love candy floss photos! i'm going to learn some dark room processing with my tutor next year, hopefully it'll be fun!

  15. it will be fantastic I can bet on it :-)