24 October 2011

metsän eläimet pelikortit.

this evening at the local grocery store I have spotted a precious thing - Jacopo was so sweet to buy it for me.
metsän eläimet pelikortit - the cards game of the animals of the forest!
✻ this beautiful box contains 25 different animal cards and the rules of the game.
✻ I have chosen to share a card for each of the six groups: it was a hard decision - as I think that every single card looks very pretty.
✻ the 25th special card and the back of the box - which displays other cards games.
I cannot wait to play with my metsän eläimet pelikortit! it will be a good way to review my finnish - even though I would say it is not that bad when it comes down to animal names.
P.S.Jacopo is back from Paris: besides gifting me with this finnish cards game earlier on - he came home with some tasty french cheese and a carillon playing "la vie en rose".


  1. aw che meraviglia :) <3
    va assieme a quelle degli uccelli che ti ho regalato io!
    quando vengo a trovarti dobbiamo giocarci assieme :)

  2. sì Emi :-) è bellissimo, vero? vedrai le altre carte che meraviglia!

  3. :) awww ma sono davvero bellissimi tutti i disegni! il cerbiatto <3

  4. ombrenelcielo24.10.11

    *__* we should get the other decks as well so that all the animals can be together :) :) :)

  5. I think we should, absolutely! ;-)

  6. wow how beautiful! what is raven in finnish?

  7. it should be KORPPI :-)

  8. oh how wonderful!
    i can only imagine that carillon, but it sounds amazing... i've always wanted one, but never actually had it...

  9. It sounds lovely indeed :-)
    I am sure you'll have a carillon yourself one day!