19 October 2011

relief 3.

my own dear piece of cloth - part 3.
✻ side A day 2.
✻ side A day 3.
✻ side B day 2.
✻ side B day 3.
I am still documenting the changes on the piece of cloth I use during my woodcut relief printing class - documenting the effects of time and usage on things is becoming more and more interesting to me.
I have decided to scan also a piece of sandpaper - after I have been scrubbing my wood plate with it.
• more scanned surfaces to come soon.


  1. chissà se alla fine rimarrà qualche parte bianca? :) <3

  2. vedremo... mancano ancora parecchie lezioni!

  3. i love the scanned surfaces! cant wait to see the wood plate!

  4. thank you :-)
    I am afraid you would have to wait a little bit longer for that... I am planning to share some prints - and maybe the wood plates - after the whole series of classes is over, in early december ;-)

  5. I think I would love a top or a dress that had the same pattern from your cloth! :)

  6. that would be a lovely dress indeed!