20 October 2011

profile pictures.

I was browsing my profile pictures album on facebook: I couldn't help but noticing how each of the 28 images in it reminded me of a particular moment - the reason why I had uploaded it. I have deleted many profile pictures - but these 28 are still up and I would like to tell their stories. from the oldest to the newest:
15th december 2009
✻ my favourite photograph between my old photos collection - I have found it in Stockholm.
23rd january 2010
the header of my blog - from an old book about birds I was given as a birthday gift.
8th february 2010
✻ a photograph of me as a child - I suppose it was taken around 1991.
14th february 2010
Pikku Myy - my favourite Moomin character from an old book which belongs to Jacopo.
15th may 2010
✻ a beautiful picture of my Nonna Ebe - I have found it in her old house.
30th may 2010
✻ with my bunny Timo in my family's garden - one of the first PX 100 that me and Jacopo have taken.
10th june 2010
autographs of Jónsi and Alex on my grandma's piece of paper - from Jónsi's concert in Milano.
19th august 2010
✻ at the mökki - from our first shots of PX 70.
21st august 2010
✻ in Korkeasaari zoo - a legendary fuji fp-100C taken by Jacopo.
23rd september 2010
✻ another fuji fp-100C in Suomenlinna - I had just bought those colourful leggings.
2nd december 2010
✻ from a 35mm roll taken in Rastila - when the first snow fell over Helsinki last winter.
8th december 2010
✻ a print of a fuji fp-100C negative - from our winter in Oulu.
3rd february 2011
✻ outside Villa Ullas cafè - when Jacopo flew back to Helsinki with my mamiya.
7th february 2011
✻ once again outside Villa Ullas when the temperature started going above 0°C - taken with a polaroid 669 sepia.
16th february 2011
✻ from a 35mm roll with beautiful Tove - just about at the time we have adopted her.
5th march 2011
✻ when me and Jacopo have found an old pack of polaroids 600 in Vuosaari - I was sitting on a winter game-thing for kids.
8th march 2011
✻ an old photograph of my grandma with her bike and her house on the background - I always miss her.
17th march 2011
✻ a polaroid 660 silver shade - I am wearing one of my favourite second hand pullovers.
22nd april 2011
a polaroid 669 blue shade of Jacopo and I - on our car trip to Oulu.
25th april 2011
✻ a photograph of me that everyone has liked so much - by Jacopo.
22nd may 2011
✻ on Harakka Island - wearing the mask of the Baltic Sea Monster.
24th may 2011
✻ a fuji fp-100C to celebrate my new camera - my Vermeer pinhole.
5th june 2011
✻ when we moved to our apartment in Kruununhaka - first PX 680.
8th june 2011
✻ in the botanical garden - when the summer was in bloom.
29th july 2011
✻ in Kyllikki's beautiful garden - with my favourite summer hat.
3rd september 2011
✻ the prettiest feather I have found - when a sparrow flew into our window.
28th september 2011
taken by my dear Kasia during our trip to the forest - fuji pro H film roll.
16th october 2011
✻ taken by Jacopo - a portrait of me that will be featured on polkadot magazine. more about it soon!
I wonder how many of these images will still be in my profile pictures album this time next year - but now they are here to stay on Passer Domesticus.


  1. :) i like the story about this pictures:) kiss

  2. I am happy you do so :-)

  3. i'm so glad i've known you for long enough to say that i've been around when many of these photos were taken ♥
    many of these remind me of special times too. i like every single of these (:

  4. mi manchi tanto Pollyni <3

  5. it's lovely to see each photograph with its own description! it makes it that much more beautiful :)

  6. Maisa ♥ I am so happy you wrote this :-)

    Emi anche tu mi manchi molto... vieni presto! ♥

    Joana thanks so much for appreciating them!

  7. :) and i always thought the 1st image was of you as a kid... it's weird how you just assume someone's profile photo is their portrait

  8. oh did you? I haven't mentioned it here, but when I have found it I was with a friend, and she told me: "Polly this could be you as a kid" :-) unfortunately I do not have such cool photos of me as a kid... but from the one on the swing you can tell I wasn't that different from that girl.

  9. you are so delicate, Polly :)

  10. it is very nice to see all these images in one blogpost, I had many nice feelings reading this post ***
    I really should blog morejust like you do :)

  11. that is what I am always telling you ♥

    P.S. come back home!

  12. assolutamente: se penso a te penso alla delicatezza, e se penso alla delicatezza penso a te :)

  13. These photos are all so beautiful and nostalgic, I loved every single one.

  14. Thank you so much! :-)

  15. !!!!!
    This is truly the most beautiful and special collection of photos! I love the old, the new, the found, and that you love Polaroids (like I do! ;D).
    p.s. I esp loooove the Baltic Sea Monster! heehee

  16. I really like the atmosphere in your picture-selection.
    And your blog header about the bird, lovely! I would love it to have such a birthdaypresents also.
    enjoy your day!

  17. thanks a lot :-)
    enjoy your evening!
    (at least here it's evening now)