04 October 2011


my own dear piece of cloth!
side A - horizontal and vertical.
side B - horizontal and vertical.
I thought I would scan the piece of cloth I had been using today for my second class of woodcut relief printing - to clean my hands and my wood board.
if I keep on using the same piece of cloth until the end of november - how will it look like?
I like the fact that the word relief in english means both "a sculptural technique" and "the easing of a burden or distress, such as pain, anxiety, or oppression".
I might also share some of my woodcut relief print attempts someday.
P.S. my apron deserves a special applause for it was the true hero of today - sadly too big to scan.


  1. please please teach me :)

  2. I will, my dearest Jacopo! :-)

  3. *-* che cosa bellissima. Soprattutto la riflessione su relief :) <3

  4. sì, vero? ti farò vedere alcune stampe che ho fatto :-)

  5. :) it would be nice to see and document the changes of time (and work) on your cloth.
    in woodcut, do you have to sculpt the entire image on the board, or is it a layer technique? i've never actually seen it...

  6. at the moment we are working with layers of cardboards and paper - but soon we are going to cut the woodboard too. It is also an entirely new technique to me :-)

  7. Wow woodcut relief printing, that sounds really cool! i LOVE that piece of clothing, it looks like paints on a canvas. I can't wait to see how it'll turn out like, i guess it represent your journey as more colours gets involved :)

  8. Thank you :-) I am actually about to go to that class now... it's every tuesday! I won't miss to scan the cloth again afterwards!