03 October 2011

not to worry about seasons.

the first weekend of october was beautiful. I have decided not to worry about seasons again. it is just wonderful to share my days with Jacopo.
some instant photographs:
the ones I have taken.
the ones he has taken.
I have also been gifted with the prettiest pullover ever.
doesn't it look like a strawberry? thank you Jacopo!


  1. i want that sweater!!!
    beautiful photos...
    i wouldn't worry about seasons. it seems you can't predict how they're going to be anymore...
    it's october and it's 30ºC out :)

  2. woah! 30°C sounds a lot! here it is barely 12°... but I am not complaining :-)

  3. Aww you both are wonderful and that is one awesome sweater. I'm a big fan of red sweaters, i've got a huge red one. I feel so noticeable in the winter cuz everyone else wears black and grey haha

    Season has been great lately, so i'm done complaining :)

  4. I am so glad everyone likes the pullover so much :-)

  5. You two are the sweetest pair!!

  6. *__* kiitos for this beautiful post, I've missed taking some nice pictures with you :)

  7. take some nice pictures of me please ;-)

  8. Awww :) <3 teneri!