12 October 2011

vacanze italiane 3.

last weekend I flew to Italy with Jacopo to attend the opening of ArtVerona - where my SELFLANDSCAPES were exhibited. I had a lovely time - the weather was beautiful and I got to spend sometime with my family.
photos from Italy - new portra 400
Milano - fog and pollution over the skyline at eight in the morning.
ArtVerona - documenting the exhibition of SELFLANDSCAPES.
Verona - where I spent the afternoon in very good company and I had a delicious ice-cream.
Piussogno - I have missed the mountains and my home town can be quite picturesque sometimes.
family home - dad photographed me with my dear bunny rabbit Timo.
by Jacopo - a traditional family photo: everyone has a funny face!


  1. what beautiful holidays!!! and TIMO!

  2. Timo looks lovely... and fatter, doesn't he? :-)

  3. :) so cute.love this place! miss sun!

  4. ahahaha che facce :D il più bello è timo <3

  5. thank you Justyna :-) you may visit my home town one day?

    emi, hai ragione: Timo è il migliore in foto tra tutti noi :-D

  6. I will take you with me someday <3

  7. picturesque is the best way to define italy as a whole!
    congrats on the exhibition :)