28 November 2011

for the snow to snow.

temperatures are still way above 0° and it hasn't snowed yet. I so much want the snow to fall to light up the darkness - as it did last year on the 18th of november! I have selected in fact six photographs from my old photos collection - to share in honour of the snow.
for the snow to snow!
✻ from various flea markets in Helsinki, Milano, Stockholm, Athens.
✻ from my family album: my grandpa Dino on a glacier on the Alps.
while I write this I am listening to Bird by Snow - to stay true to my purpose.


  1. i wish it will snow soon ;__;

  2. me too! it was so beautiful last year! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. hahah i remember the one! come on snow finally snow!!!

  4. yes :-) we got the last one together!
    hopefully the weatherman, or even Snow herself, will get the message ;-)

  5. che bella la foto del nonno! :)
    dai vedrai che per quando arrivo io sicuramente nevicherà <3

  6. è bella vero? non l'avevi mai vista prima? :-)
    spero tanto nevicherà!

  7. here's a wish for a snowfall soon*
    beautiful relics from the flea market!

  8. Oh ! Love the chill & the snow... but it never snow (or very very rarely) in my town...

  9. thanks Joana :-)
    and Birdie, hopefully some snow will come to your town too this winter ;-)

  10. Love these photos!

    It snowed here today for the first time, and I thought of you, dear Polly! :*

  11. aw! lucky you, Toronto people ;-)

  12. Anonymous2.12.11

    I hope that if it snows we can take many pictures together :)

    <3 <3 <3