01 December 2011

old negatives 02.

I have been celebrating the start of december in my darkroom: my dearest friend Miia have mailed me three beautiful old negatives belonging to her family. according to what she has wrote me - the ladies in the photographs are her grandma and her grandma's cousin.

the prints from Miia's negatives:

✻ as the negatives are really big I have made a contact print of each of them - then I have printed a cropped version: my enlarger's frame was too small for them.

✻ all of the three negatives were quite easy to print: the photographer had done a really good job taking them in bright day light.

✻ I adore the amount of pets in the photographs - I bet that is the reason why Miia has chosen to send me those negatives: she knows me well.

thank you so much Miia for your wonderful surprise! I will soon mail her back the negatives and I will also include the prints for her to keep.


  1. Anonymous1.12.11

    old and precious negatives <3 <3 <3

    thanks Polly for sharing these and thanks Miia for the negatives!

  2. Yes! :-) thanks to Miia!

  3. veramente bellissime queste foto! si riconosce subito il paesaggio finlandese e l'amore per gli animali :) <3

  4. sì :-) il paesaggio è inconfondibile!

  5. oh wow! this is just too precious!
    absolutely beautiful photos!!!
    lucky you, polly ;)

  6. thank you, Joana :-) I feel truly lucky!

  7. These old negatives just give me such a sense of nostalgia! they're so so lovely :) i really like collecting old photographs and just looking at the person wondering what life they lead. it's very fascinating.

  8. it is very fascinating indeed! :-) photographs used to be something so special back then!

  9. hm really cool, you can discover the past again!
    I would love to go also to the dark room with some old negatives.

    A couple of weeks ago I read something about a man who said 'You die 2 times, first when you die and the second time when nobody recognize you anymore'

    It let me always think about that, when I see old pictures... I love nostalgic

    (I hope you understand everything..)

    xx LA.

  10. it is quite a strong sentence.
    and I do understand what you mean about the nostalgic feeling generated by old photographs!

  11. i'm glad i found your blog :)

    i think it's a nice idea to share and develop old photographs. i should ask my grandmother for some!

    and these are all so wonderful. there's something about old pictures that i just can't help but love. digital has made us change the way we think and feel about photography or even why we decide to take a picture. i guess that's what i mostly like about film. by taking a film picture, and as henri cartier-bresson said, you're kind of saying that's something valuable, something you want or need to remember, to keep with you.


  12. thank you, Natalia!
    I absolutely agree with you - and with cartier-bresson ;-)

  13. This collection is just too beautiful for words!!! :O

  14. isn't it? my friend Miia is very lucky to have found them!