11 November 2011

green is in.

beside the fact that today is 11.11.11 - I have got something very pretty in my mailbox. a couple of weeks ago - a wonderful girl living in Porto asked me to start exchanging letters with her: of course I said yes.
first letter from Joana:
the envelope with this bird attached is so beautiful.
the inside of the envelope is even more beautiful.
she has also sent a pretty white shell - which still contains sand from Portugal.
I am so happy Joana has started writing me - it is lovely that she has collected precious stuff to send me. I have to recommend her blog and her flickr: with the most wonderful analogue photographs.
Joana: expect a letter soon!


  1. Oh so cute idea !!!

  2. yes! check out her blog if you haven't yet ;-)

  3. i'm glad you got it and love it!
    it's so nice to get mail, isn't it?!
    do you also have those strange leaves in finland?

    i'll be waiting for that mail box surprise :)

  4. I do not know if we have them here in Finland... but I have seen them in Italy before :-) they are wonderful when they're flying!

    I will be posting you something in the next few days! ;-)

  5. lovely ppl deserve lovely surprises! ;)

  6. Haha :-) thank you!

  7. I love Joana's blog, it's so witty and colourful! you both create such beautiful letters and packaging :) so much care are put into it!

  8. Thank you :-) I agree about her blog: beautiful!

  9. emilia13.11.11

    ma che meraviglia *-*

  10. Polly! I love Joana's photos and blog! Makes me miss Porto....awwww....

    Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  11. yes, she's a wonderful photographer and Porto must be really an amazing place! :-)