10 November 2011

postcards of birds.

my school friend Kaisa gifted me with 24 beautiful postcards of birds and other animals: it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I would like to share some related to autumn and winter - as today the temperature dropped below zero.
six postcards of finnish birds:
a punarinta - one of my favourite birds: it reminds me of my grandma.
I have never seen this bird before - Kaisa told me they are likely to be spotted in lapland.
a punatulkku - I have only spotted two of them before: I hope to meet many more this coming winter.
a beautiful way to feed birds in the winter time - it is very common in the countryside.
a sinitiainen in the snow.
I do not recognize this tiny bird - does somebody know its name?
kiitos Kaisa!


  1. <3

    these postcards are amazing we should frame an hang some on the wall *__*

  2. absolutely! all 24 of them are beautiful actually :-)

  3. beautiful postcards of fuzzy little birds. have you seen this bird:

    it's called puukiipijä and it's cute.

  4. Awww I have never seen it before! is it a finnish bird? thanks for sharing Miia :-)

  5. According to Wikipedia they can be found "from Ireland to Japan". They're called treecreeper in english, and they look cute as they climb the tree trunk like it's no big deal.

  6. emilia10.11.11

    ma che pensiero meraviglioso *___*

  7. oh! I hope I will see one soon :-) !

  8. how beautiful! excellent surprise :)
    i have to say the first and the last are my favourites*

  9. good to hear :-) you may get a surprise too in your mailbox soon ;-)