01 November 2011

relief 4.

it has been a couple of tuesdays now that I haven't touched my cloth - due to wood cutting exercises. therefore I am going to share a few of the prints I have made during woodcut relief printing so far.
• from the printing workshop:
translucent colours.
opaque colours shading with transparent black.
gradation effects.
• from the cutting exercise:
✻ I could only scan parts of the prints - due to my A4 scanner.
I am not even at the end of the course but I already feel like this printing technique is not really my thing. I am glad I have been experiencing it though and I would like to share my results here anyway. over the next few tuesdays I will have to prepare my final prints: to do so I must improve my cutting skills and keep on working until the 29th. go Polly go!


  1. ombrenelcielo1.11.11

    nice prints :)
    I might need to update my blog with my prints from Paris :)

  2. do so! but these prints are nothing special I am afraid :-(

  3. sono comunque davvero carini :) e che colori!!! :) <3

  4. sono contenta che la pensi così :-)