29 February 2012

february 29th.

Jacopo's birthday!
me and him have already spent three of his birthdays together - but this fourth one is definitely the most special as it is actually on the 29th. for this joyful occasion I have decided to share on here my 12 favourite portraits of Jacopo I have taken so far.
happy birthday Jacopo! ♥ ♥ ♥
in chronological order from 2009 to 2012. you might have seen some of these already - but I still think they look beautiful all together.
P.S. my gift for Jacopo: a Lomokino with a LomoKinoscope and a LomoKino Smart Phone Holder.
I hope that with this lovely 35mm movie camera we will shoot many beautiful short films together!


  1. Kiitos, Polly :)
    Speechless for such a beautiful party, the pictures and the lomokino aww!

    This is not a special day by the way: every day together is special :)

    Can't wait for this evening!

  2. tanti auguri Jacopo :))) <3

  3. i envy jacopo soooo much for his gift! have a great day together!

    1. thank you, Amanda :-)
      tonight we will have a nice dinner together ;-)

  4. wow, that's a beautiful collection of photographs of him! and an awesome gift :-) happy anniversary to your guy!

  5. Woot woot! Happy Birthday, Jacopo!

    These photos are lovely!

  6. happy birthday to jacopo!
    what a memorable date to celebrate a birthday :)
    lovely portraits and present!

    1. memorable indeed! :-)
      thank you, Joana!