04 March 2012

buon compleanno papà.

today is my dad's birthday so I miss him a little more than usual. I have sent him a letter to let him know I think of him.
buon compleanno papà! ♥

these are my 10 favourite pictures I have collected of my dad as a boy:

from the newest to the oldest - all of them are equally beautiful. unfortunately some of them were scanned in a quite low resolution.
I wish I could gift my dad with the dog he wishes for: a cavalier king.
how I love my dear dad!


  1. tenerissimo questo blog :) l'ho fatto leggere alla mamma e al papà avresti dovuto vedere come erano contenti Pollyni :) oggi sei qui con noi così come tutti gli altri giorni <3 ti vogliamo bene!

    1. aww che meraviglia :-)
      ho le lacrime agli occhi dalla gioia!
      anche io vi voglio sempre bene :-) ♥
      p.s. mi dispiace che la lettera non sia ancora arrivata,
      ma arrivera' presto ;-)

  2. beautiful and thoughtful post, polly!
    the photos are so precious :)
    apart from the one you used on your bday card, i specially love the one of him holding the accordion in the mountain! it's extremely cute!

    happy bday to your dad!

    1. thank you Joana :-)
      he used to play the accordion until I was a little girl, then for some reason he sold it and stop playing... I wish he continued with it, though ;-)

  3. the one with the accordion is so nice! buon compleanno attilio :)

  4. Oh wow!! My mom has the same bday as your dad then haha :) Happy birthday to your dad polly!!

    Those childhood photos of his are amazing, i wonder what camera they used. i really like that photo of him behind the map.
    Aww you should draw him that dog!

    I'm planning to send my mom some baking utensils over, since she loves to bake.

    1. oh, happy birthday to your mom then :-)
      I hope she had a wonderful day!