10 March 2012

lomokino 1st experience.

last saturday we went for a walk in a natural area in Helsinki neighborhood: Viikki. the sun was shining on the snow making everything look more beautiful.
I took along my NIKON FM:

✻ unfortunately most of the film roll was overexposed: the sunlight was too strong for a 800 iso.
Jacopo took along his LOMOKINO with a fuji velvia 100: the result was sensational for a first experience!
my favourite screenshots:

the short movie -
from Jacopo's youtube channel:
✻ I truly love the colours!
short movies in 35mm film are something beautiful and unique - I really want to shoot many more of them with Jacopo!


  1. such a beautiful place to visit (and photograph, obviously)!

    and the lomokino 1st test looks wonderful! stop motion videos are always so beautiful :)

    1. thank you, Joana :-)
      I am truly glad you like it!

  2. oh it turned out fantastic!!! (sorry about the 800iso film. but those two are great!)

  3. aw *-* che meraviglia!... into the wild :)

  4. What a beautiful place to shoot!
    Love both yours and Jacopo's results!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. thank you, Charlyn :-) have a nice weekend too!