01 June 2012

100 feeders (14).

TESTAUSHALLI exhibition is over and so is the 1st feeders giveaway. I would like to thank all of those who came around and picked up a feeder: I am so happy that 100 FEEDERS got so much attention! I am proud to say that I have given away 76 feeders - but note that 24 of them are still waiting for someone to come along.
8 postcards that I have scanned randomly between the 24 remaining:
these 8 and 16 more beautiful feeders are waiting for an owner!
I have created a facebook page for 100 FEEDERS: everyone is welcomed to join to share their comments about the project - and pictures too if you got a feeder.
if you couldn't attend to the 1st giveaway stay tuned: a 2nd giveaway will be soon organized in Helsinki!


  1. Can you save one for me? I can put it in the garden of the art academy in Liisankatu!

    1. Sure I am saving one for you! will you come to my studio to choose your favourite? ♥