29 June 2012

100 feeders (15).

I am happy to announce that I have just got the first three postcards of 100 FEEDERS sent back to me - this morning I went to pick them up at my studio.
the first three postcards:

✻ from Belgium

✻ from Helsinki

✻ from U.S.A.
I am pleasantly surprised that two postcards from abroad were between the first ones to be sent back: when people living outside Finland came to the 1st Feeders Giveaway I was reluctant to give them a feeder - I am glad that they kept their promise to send their postcards with a suitable stamp. I hope that more postcards will be sent soon: I cannot wait to read more of people's opinions - I wonder what the person from the States meant with a blank postcard though.
P.S. tomorrow the 2nd Feeders Giveaway will be held at Hietalahden Kirpputori in Helsinki. 22 feeders are left to be given away: come around to pick up your favourite!


  1. I love this!!!
    It is so wonderful to read people's opinions and stories on bird feeding.

    Looking forward to moooooore! :)


    1. thank you so much, Charlyn! I am glad you're always so interested in 100 Feeders' progress! :-) today, in occasion of the 2nd Feeders Giveaway, all the remaining feeders were taken: I am super happy about it! I am now waiting for more postcards and comments to come! ;-)