30 August 2012

my travel wishlist.

september is almost here and I have realized that I haven't been anywhere outside Finland this summer - for some reason or another. while waiting for the chance to travel somewhere - I have thought about the places I would like to visit the most and have come up with four different ones not too far from here.
my travel wishlist:

Iceland - Gyrfalcon

Scotland - Golden Eagle

Faroe Islands - Oystercatcher

Cornwall - Chough
I had never been to any of those places before - except for a short visit to Edinburgh many years ago - during which I haven't seen the rest of Scotland though. I hope to be able to travel there soon!
P.S. the national birds of those places can be found in Finland too.
P.P.S. the pictures of the birds are from my Pohjolan Lintukirja and the photographs are from Flickr Commons.

27 August 2012

very old polaroid 600s.

when polaroid 600 was still affordable and available I used to take a lot of polaroids. looking through various old folders on my computer I have found some that I still like - from 2007 and 2008.
very old polaroid 600s:

✻ taken both in Italy and abroad.
I should never delete old scanned photographs from my computer: it is interesting to look back at them to see how my style has changed over the years.

20 August 2012

previously unshared.

among my collection of images and various things - there are some beautiful little treasures that sometimes remain unshared on Passer Domesticus. today's post is dedicated to a tiny part of my collection of those unshared pretty precious things.
previously unshared summer treasures:
1) a PX 680 COOL that Jacopo took of me during our first visit to the Winter Garden in Helsinki. 2) a PX COOL that I took of Jacopo during a beautiful sunny day at Töölö Bay. 3) a very well preserved feather of an European Herring Gull I have found in Kaivopuisto. 4) a beautiful feather of a Great Tit I have found in Suomenlinna. 5) in my opinion the most beautiful postcard of Helsinki from the series Come to Finland. 6) in my opinion the most beautiful postcard of Finland from the series Come to Finland.
enjoy your monday and have a beautiful rest of the week!♥

18 August 2012

mamiya in kruunuvuori.

it is always fascinating to go back to Kruunuvuori. last tuesday we decided to take a walk around there late in the afternoon: I took my Mamiya RB67 along. I then visited my darkroom last thursday for a very a pleasant afternoon session.
Mamiya RB67 - ilford delta 400:

my favourite prints.
bringing the Mamiya to field trips is challenging because of its dimensions and weight - but it is always worth the effort: I should take it more often!
P.S. the wooden villas in Kruunuvuori look more fragile every time we go there: I believe it is important to take some good photographs of them before they will collapse completely.

16 August 2012

100 feeders (16).

today I went to my studio and picked up a few more postcards of 100 FEEDERS: there were three plus one another I already got last month. since I have only got back 7 postcards so far - I really hope to get many more before the 15th of September.
some more postcards:

✻ from Estonia

✻ from Finland
100 FEEDERS is not over yet! this summer I have been working hard on my master thesis - which is based on this project: I will share something about it later on. please note that there are less than 4 weeks remaining to send your postcards!

10 August 2012

2 years of finland.

the exact date of the anniversary was actually five days ago: on the 5th of august two years ago I have moved to Helsinki. I cannot believe two years have passed since then - time truly flies.
happy 2nd anniversary of Finland!
a photograph per month: #1 august 2011 #2 september 2011 #3 october 2011 #4 november 2011 #5 december 2011 #6 january 2012 #7 february 2012 #8 march 2012 #9 april 2012 #10 may 2012 #11 june 2012 #12 july 2012
I have taken so many photographs during the past year that it was hard to pick only 12. I am grateful for the 2nd year I have spent in Helsinki - as much as I am for the 1st year. thank you so much Finland! what will the 3rd year bring?

09 August 2012

letter from joana.

a couple of days ago I received a lovely letter from Joana: she collected some beautiful treasures for me and sent them all the way from Paris to Helsinki.
letter from Joana:
I especially love that magnificent illustration of an Eurasian Nuthatch.
getting Joana's letter the day my parents left Helsinki made me feel better: she deserves a beautiful letter soon too. thank you very much Joana!