31 December 2012

end of 2012.

since the start of Passer Domesticus in 2009 it has become a tradition of mine to post my top ten artist of the year on new year's eve - so here I go again with the musicians and bands I have listened to the most over these past twelve months.
Paula i Karol
♥ song: mother's stew.
♥ song: undir heiðum himni.
Belle & Sebastian
♥ song: come on sister.
Scandinavian Music Group
♥ song: mustarastas lauloi ooh la laa.
First Aid Kit
♥ song: emmylou.
God Help the Girl
♥ song: act of the apostle.
Cats on Fire
♥ song: my sense of pride.
Emilíana Torrini
♥ song: nothing brings me down.
Lykke Li
♥ song: I follow rivers.
Patrick Wolf
♥ song: wind in the wires.
I am really glad about this past year but I hope the next one is going to be even better. happy 2013 everyone!

30 December 2012

photographs from my hometown.

I spent the rest of my week in Italy at my parents' house: we had some wonderful family time together with my twin sister too. my hometown is a little village called Piussogno that you will not easily find on a map: it is located between the Alps in a valley known as Valtellina. before moving abroad I had never thought mountains were beautiful - since I was used to look at them every day: now I find them special and interesting too.
photographs from my hometown:

Diana Mini - kodak portra 800.
I had found myself to be so fascinated by the pointed shapes of the mountain tops: the mist and the snow were making them look even more appealing. one fine day my dad took me around some old unknown roads so that I could take the photographs that you have just seen here: we had such a lovely time together and he knows Valtellina so well that he was the perfect guide for me. ♥♥♥ grazie papà!
alla mia famiglia: grazie mille per questo meraviglioso Natale insieme!

28 December 2012

photographs from milano.

for my one-week trip to Italy for Christmas I took my Diana Mini: she is definitely convenient to bring along because she is extremely light. despite the fact that it is not possible to fully control my shots and almost every photo eventually turns out different from the way I plan it - it is still so much fun. before traveling to my hometown to spend the holidays with my parents - I have spent one day in Milano: the weather was so sunny and warm that it was a real pleasure to walk around town with Jacopo.
photographs from Milano:

kodak portra 800.
I had never walked around Milano playing the part of a tourist before and it was very interesting to look at the city through the eyes of a foreigner: we managed to walk around some of our favourite areas of town taking photos and enjoying some delicious italian focaccia on the go - I had really missed that.
I will share more photos from my trip to Italy soon: I had taken many in my hometown - especially of the Alps!

25 December 2012

merry christmas.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas time! I have been spending a few days with my family in Italy: it is lovely to see them when I get the chance! over the past few weeks I have been receiving a huge amount of beautiful Christmas cards and gifts from friends and family: I am going to share some of them here - since it is Christmas day.
I wish you a very merry Christmas!
♥♥♥ thank you all for your love!