22 April 2013

PZ 680 color protection.

a few weeks ago Jacopo got a Polaroid Image System camera and last weekend we finally got the chance to test it with a first pack of PZ 680 Color Protection.
Polaroid Image System:

my favourite 6 polaroids out of 8 - my portraits were taken by Jacopo.
I had never used a PZ film before and it is definitely wider than a PX one. both Jacopo and I were very pleased by the results: the Color Protection type seems to work perfectly and we cannot wait to shoot more with Jacopo's Image System.
P.S. spring has come to Helsinki for real and that makes me very happy!

19 April 2013

one misty day pt.2.

the air was so damp that my hair was soaking wet even though it wasn't really raining yet. also my camera's lens was steamy because of the intense humidity.
Hasselblad 500 C/M - Fuji Pro 160 NS:

it has been raining for days now and the snow has almost completely melted: I cannot wait to spot the first shoots and green grass growing - it is about time!
P.S. please remember to check out Hasselblad Diary on my website too.

17 April 2013

one misty day pt.1.

I hadn't taken out a camera for many weeks until last saturday: I just needed to photograph such a glorious misty day.
Hasselblad 500 C/M - Fuji Pro 160 NS:

such a melancholy and grey weather is a prelude to spring here in Finland: the rain helps the snow to melt faster and the fog comes as the temperature rises.
more photos to come in a new post.
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11 April 2013

päiväkirja - teaser.

a couple of months ago I have started collaborating with Celsy Sabilla on a book that was going to portray my first three years of photography in Finland. I am very happy to say that the book will soon be ready to be printed and sold: it is going to be called Päiväkirja and it will be a sort of retrospective diary.

a preview of a very few of the many photos that will be on Päiväkirja.
this is just a teaser: Päiväkirja will be a collection of a numerous amount of photographs and notes - the result of a long and prolific artistic collaboration. keep on following this blog to get to know when Päiväkirja will be available!

04 April 2013


Jacopo and I had been talking about it for a while and finally decided it was time to publish an iBook together. the amount of photographs we have accumulated during these past few years is large and most of it had never been shared further than a post on a blog: that is why we thought about publishing our first iBook - which we have called Settantasette.

"Settantasette is a photography book, a travel scrapbook and a retrospective of a journey into the world of Impossible instant film: a collection of images taken by the authors over the past three years. The authors have decided to put together images, annotations and memories meaningful for them and significant for everyone who uses, respects and loves instant photography. A journey from Italy to Finland and the evolution of the Impossible Project through the eyes of a couple of passionate young photographers and daily adventurers."

Settantasette on iTunes Store!
Settantasette on DRECK Magazine!
working on Settantasette has been truly exciting: Jacopo and I will definitely publish more iBooks in the near future.

02 April 2013


last week I asked my family to look for some old photographs of the place where I used to spend my summers as a child. my mother's family has always owned a little cottage on the Alps 2000 meters above sea level: when I was a little girl I didn't really understand the beauty of the place but now I would love to visit it again.
old photograph found by my uncle:

photos taken by my dad in the 90's:

I especially love this panorama!
thanks to these photographs and more that my family had sent me I could recollect some lovely childhood memories and travel a bit with my mind during Easter break - while I had actually stayed in Helsinki.
I wish you a lovely start of April!