28 March 2013

5 months of instagram.

I have been using Instagram for 5 months but I have only made up my mind recently about sharing some of my pictures here.
5 months of Instagram:

10 of my favourite shots.
this blog has always been a promoter of analogue photography and uploading photos taken with a mobile may seem incongruous: yet if you love film as much as I do you also know how expensive it can be and how heavy and bulky a vintage camera is to carry. I cannot always have one of my analogue cameras with me but that doesn't mean I can restrain myself from picturing something that impresses me on the go: that is why cellphone photography can be sometimes useful and very convenient.
these images are special to me and I believe they are still worth sharing!
P.S. if you like what you see you are welcome to my Instagram profile for more.

25 March 2013

hasselblad polaroid back.

three weeks ago I ordered a Polaroid 100 back for my Hasselblad 500 C/M: the back has finally arrived last friday and during the weekend I took a few shots with it and Fuji Fp-100C instant film.
instant shots with my Hasselblad:

Fuji Fp-100C
the first shot is a courtesy of Jacopo: the light in our apartment at that time of the day was really beautiful. I took the other photographs during a Sunday morning walk around the city and they were a little affected by the cold - yet I am quite happy of these first results.
P.S. the black frame around the little square photograph really fascinates me: I think it creates an interesting composition and it is a pity to cut it - don't you think?

18 March 2013

postcards for sale.

since last week I have applied for ARTS Exposed - I cannot stop thinking about how good it would be to get chosen and have the possibility to exhibit and sell some of my prints and works. even though I won't know if I will get to be part of it until april - I have already started planning ahead on what to exhibit there.
test postcards of two series:

Lapland - 10x15cm

Photomontage - 15x15cm
these are the actual first four printed postcards scanned: I am quite happy with the way they have turned out and I think I would be ready to print a batch of both series to sell - yet before doing so I got to know about ARTS Exposed. in the beginning I wasn't that sure about the yellow back side and the font - but as soon as I saw them printed I grew really fond of them. besides the postcards I would be selling some big scale prints and possibly a few copies of the booklet I am now working on with Celsy Sabilla.
I will keep you posted!

16 March 2013

kaltblut magazine collection 4 - the north.

Kaltblut Magazine has just published Collection 4: the new print issue around the theme The North. I am proud to say I was asked to submit some works for the issue and I am now on Collection 4 with other scandinavian and nordic artists.
my collages on Collection 4:

previously unreleased.
you can order a print issue of Collection 4 here and download the pdf version here!
a preview of the magazine:

thank you Kaltblut Magazine! soon I am going to get my print issue of Collection 4 - The North in the mail!

12 March 2013

waiting for the snow to melt.

I remember writing about my new year's resolution of taking at least a film roll per week: I have stuck to it so far but I am starting to get bored with the snow. I really cannot wait for the Spring to come and hopefully do a bit of traveling: I miss colours and I long for a change of scenery. still I am going to share some photos of last saturday in Suomenlinna.
some photographs of Suomenlinna:

Hasselblad 500 C/M - Fuji Pro 160 NS
last weekend the sun was shining but it was still very cold. I know it is going to take a while more for the snow to melt but at least I can see the first bits of sea are starting to defrost already: that means Spring cannot be too far away then!

07 March 2013


I had never thought that photomontage could have been so much fun! you might argue that there are better ways to spend my free time - but when it is -10°C you cannot stay outside for too long even if the sun is shining. that is why I would like to share here my first attempt at photomontage which resulted into a series of totally absurd landscape photographs.
experimenting with photomontage:

8 of my favourite photomontages.
these photomontages are the result of the encounter between my photographs from Lapland and my collection of Finnish old photographs. they might make little sense at first glance - but all you need is a closer look to find the right connection.
P.S. I feel like making more: I really like how these turned out!

04 March 2013

two special birthdays.

the end of February and the start of March not only mean that the days are getting longer and the spring is getting closer - but they especially mean it is time to wish happy birthday to two very important people in my life: to Jacopo on the 29th of February and to my dad today.
happy birthday to both of them!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
these could possibly be my favourite photographs of my dad and Jacopo: the 1st one shows my dad as a boy at school, the 2nd one my dad in his late teens - he always looked so smart, the 3rd one Jacopo as a boy in Oulu - posing next to a very impressive sculpture and the 4th one Jacopo with his first racing bike Bianchi two summers ago in Kruununhaka. the 4th photo is the only one I can take credit for - but I love the first three especially and I wonder who took them: to me old photographs are always the most inspiring and the most precious of all!
P.S. for Jacopo's birthday we held a wonderful house party last friday and tonight I will call my dad on Skype while he opens my birthday letter.