02 May 2014

ferryboats in northern finland.

Finland is famous for being the land of a thousand lakes. I do not know exactly how many there are but it is true that my adoptive country is full of lakes of all shapes and sizes: some of these have bridges across them and some others you can only cross by boat. depending on the length of the stretch of water the ferryboat can be a lautta or a lossi: a big ferry or a small ferry.
ferryboats in Northern Finland:

Nikomat EL - Kodak 400
here are two ferryboats I have photographed during our latest holiday in Northern Finland: a lossi on Oulujärvi and a lautta that connects the island of Hailuoto to the mainland. I really like the fact that the Finnish language has two different words to distinguish a large ferryboat from a small one! there was still some ice on the Sea of Bothnia but the weather was sunny and clear that day.
P.S. I hope you all have had a wonderful start of May!

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